We help companies to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that digital transformation creates.

Through shared initiatives, we work to build method, tools, know-how and processes that companies can use to undertake an effective and long-lasting path toward innovation.


Corporate Innovation

Digital transformation has changed the rules on the market: consumers have changed, processes have changed, new markets and new business models have been created. Companies that do not adopt a real strategy to interpret these changes and seize new opportunities are destined to be outclassed by those who will be able to evolve in this direction: we work alongside companies to help them successfully face these challenges and seize all the opportunities.

We help companies to transform their business model to undertake a path that enhances their know-how and help them seize the new opportunities offered by digital transformation

Innovation, in order to be effective, requires structured processes that favour both the development of projects born within the company and external projects. The ability to make the best of both of them and make them grow is a must in every business: we help companies to seize this opportunity.

For a company, just coming up with ideas is not enough, these ideas need concreteness. For this reason we build scouting programs for startups and innovative SMEs at a national and international level to offer companies the opportunity to identify complementary players to their business


The current speed of changes today is exponentially grown compared to the past and what managers and professionals have learned during these years can become obsolete if they don’t update their know-how with a contemporary vision of their business and the market.

We build initiatives for companies CEOs and C-level to provide them with vision, methodology and tools to embrace the culture of innovation and to be able to spread it on all the levels in their company.

We build business events based on engaging and participatory approaches to support and share business strategy.

Digital Transformation

Today, adopting a digital-oriented approach is no longer an option, but a necessity for every company. The positive aspect is that technological innovation makes this transformation accessible also to SMEs and not only to large companies. Thanks to our partners we make all of this possible.

We work with qualified partners on key company processes to optimize them thanks to the opportunities that digital offers today.

We optimize and integrate your business systems with the most advanced digital technologies to make your business more efficient.

Connecting the dots

The opportunities and the development of a company come also from the dialogue with the market and with its partners and today, in an increasingly fast and digital market, having the right partners is even more strategic.

The company growth also goes through the acquisition of the necessary resources. Today, these resources are increasingly represented by the ecosystem of consolidated startups: these have the knowledge of the new market dynamics and often the most innovative technology, elements that if combined with the skills and structure of a company allow the growth of both subjects.

Companies are made of people and people make the difference and lead their growth. Working with universities, research centers, associations and through involving formats, such as Hackathons for example, we allow companies to identify and attract more effectively the new figures they need.

Digital Strategy

Building a digital strategy does not mean just having an e-commerce, but it means transforming entirely the experience, from customer experience, up to logistics management and after-sales. To be able to successfully put together all the components in the most efficient way, we need skills and a total orientation to the collection and management of data to gain more value.

Business processes produce an infinite amount of data that, often, many companies overlook. But this amount of information is valuable because it allows us to extract useful information to optimize and correct our business strategy: we help companies learn how to read data in order to build new strategies.

Within a digital strategy path we support the company in realizing its approach and its communication on strategic social channels to develop its business and its relationships with its customers.

We help companies build or transform the user experience they offer to their customers, acting in particular on internal processes that often determine the final experience perceived by the customer.

One of the biggest advantages of digital is that it’s measurable, and this important feature allows us to adopt an approach to business growth that is totally oriented towards data and the continuous optimization of the sales process.

Banking & Venture Capital

SELLALAB has always developed its ecosystem in the fintech world, encouraging on one hand the innovation within the Gruppo Banca Sella and on the other hand building important connections that we can now make available for companies that want to benefit from the technological evolution of the banking and finance sector.


We work every day alongside medium and large companies in order to support them successfully undertaking their own structured path to innovation.

If you think we may be helpful in accelerating this transformation in your business, contact us.

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