Sellalab, powered by Gruppo Sella, is an innovation platform for startups and companies, created to support their growth, and their processes of open innovation and digital transformation.

We bring together companies, startups and experts to generate value through a collaborative and open minded approach .

We believe innovation is only possible if it’s “open”: companies can only grow with clear vision working in open ecosystems.

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Let’s dominate the field of artificial intelligence together and become the leaders of the future finance!

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Enter the future, join the most important free training event about innovation and digital!

This year we reached the fourth edition of BiDigital, the festival that brings together the best Italian innovators and puts them in conversation with your ideas, challenging your vision of the future. Even this year the event will be completely free and will take place in Biella on Saturday 7 October, in the spaces of the Lanificio Maurizio Sella and Sellalab.

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We operate in five cities in Italy and each Sellalab works alongside the Banca Sella ecosystem, in order to stay close to entrepreneurs operating throughout the country.

Our close relationship with Banca Sella allows us to understand the needs of businesses and provide comprehensive network of support services to our customers.

We are the proud result of more than 450-years of innovation.

Sellalab was born of the vision of the Sella Banking Group, a story of innovation with its roots in the 1600s.

Banca Sella’s story is made up of transformations, changes and disruptive innovations such as the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century.

It is in our DNA to look into the future with enthusiasm, curiosity and with a hopeful sense which ensures we are always ready to take the risks necessary in order to change.

In today’s fast, digital, exponentially accelerating world, flexibility is key! Banca Sella has supported transformation for centuries, we are doing it today and we will do it together with the companies of tomorrow.

Sellalab represents “a new way of being a bank”, working close to the local communities, to those pursuing new opportunities and to innovations as they are born.

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We work hand in hand with medium and large companies every day to support their growth and success with structured innovation processes.

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